Unwanted Guests in Your Attic?

Are you hearing noises in your loft?

Are worrying sounds from above keeping you awake? Learn how professional pest control can bring back the quiet.

Identifying Loft Noises

Scratching, scurrying, or scrapping sounds are common indicators that rodents or birds have made a home in your loft. These noises are often more noticeable during the quiet of night, and can signify a pest problem.

Rats, Mice and Squirrels often find lofts a warm, quiet and safe place to live. Unfortunately this give them the opportunity to gnaw on electrical wires, plumbing and timbers, potentially leading to costly repairs. Their droppings can also damage loft insulation.  Birds can use loft spaces for nesting and roosting.

Understanding these signs is the first step towards tackling these pesky intruders.

Our Attic Pest Control Services

Rodent Removal

Our comprehensive rodent control service includes removal of rats, mice and grey squirrels, followed by sealing entry points to prevent future infestations.

Bird Nest Removal

When legal to do so, disused nests can be safely removed  from critical areas like vents and eaves. Entry points should be sealed  to prevent birds returning next season. Sanitisation may be needed to eliminate health hazards from bird droppings.

Attic Decontamination

After removing the pests, your loft may require decontamination. Rodent and bird droppings can carry a wide range of diseases that can effect people and other animals. We can help with disinfections and clearance to get your loft back in a safe condition. 

Preventive Solutions

Where an entry point for pests is found, repairing this can help keep you pest-free. Pests can access the loft space under tiles, through wall cavities and from neighbouring properties. So its important to consider the whole property when looking for points of entry. 

Don't put up with unwanted pests!

We can help clear any pests that might be gaining access into your home or business. We have dedicated pest professionals in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire.