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Domestic and Commercial Pest Control throughout Wetherby & Surrounding Areas
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Owned and operated by Jack Marsh. Jack provides Pest Control Services throughout Wetherby and surrounding areas. Whether its  a problem with rats or mice, pigeons under your solar panels, or some troublesome insects. Jack helps keep Wetherby homes and businesses pest free. 

Jack has been fully trained and is an accredited member of the British Pest Control Association. Choosing a BPCA member lets you know the work will be done safely, legally and adhering to all industry best practice. 

We can help remove any pest problem, so please get in touch with us if we can be of any help. 

Local Pest Control – call Jack Marsh on 07375 554 760 or use the contact form below.

Pests Control Services In Wetherby


Rats, Mice, Grey Squirrels, Rabbits, Moles & Rat CCTV Drain Surveys.


Bird Control

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing, Bird Spike installations, Bird Net Installations.


Wasp Nest Removals, Hornets, Ants, Textile Moths, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, + Bed Bugs.

Domestic & Commercial Pest Control

Whether the problem is in a home, or any commercial or industry sector. 

Any Pest Removal

All pests covered, including rodents, insects & many bird species, for control & proofing work.

We Cover Wetherby

Locally based business, covering Wetherby & surrounding areas.

Looking for local Wetherby Pest Control Expert?

We cover Wetherby and Surrounding Areas Including:

Boston Spa, Collingham, Kirk Deighton, Little Robson, Linton, Sicklingham, Tockwith, Clifford, Bardsey, East Rigton, Netherby, Kirk Overblow, East Keswick & All Surrounding Areas

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    Pest COntrol for Wetherbys Homes and Businesses

    WE COVER YOUR AREA – call Jack on 07375 554 760

    Domestic Pest Control in Wetherby

    Discovering pests in your home or garden can be very distressing. Pests can not only damaged your property but also pose health and safety risks to your family and pets.

    With our BPCA accredited team, you can be confident that you’re in capable hands. We handle domestic pest issues with utmost safety and professionalism, following all best practice guidelines.

    Commercial Pest Control in Wetherby

    At The Pest Company, we bring years of experience in managing pest issues across various commercial settings. As qualified BPCA members, we ensure the highest standards of service, adhering to all industry best practices.

    Our commercial clients include;

    • Resturants
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Schools
    • Carehomes
    • Nurseries
    • Farms
    • Dog Kennels
    • Hotels and Holiday Lets

    We provide regular contract inspections to monitor pest activity in your business, covering rodents, crawling insects, and the supply and maintenance of electric fly-killing machines.


    Pest Control Services Wetherby

    Rodent Control In Wetherby

    Rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels can cause havoc on your home or business. They often enter through structural faults, allowing them to return repeatedly.

    Beyond property damage, these pests pose significant health risks by carrying diseases transmissible to humans.

    By selecting a professional pest control company like ours, you benefit from swift identification of the problem species, an effective treatment plan to eliminate them, and expert advice on preventing future infestations.

    Wetherby Wasp Nest Removal

    Wasps, hornets, and the various species of bees are frequently misidentified. As professional pest controllers we can quickly determine which stinging insect is causing the issue and provide advice on the best resolution.

    Wasp and hornet nests can often be treated in a single visit, effectively eliminating the nest when it poses a danger.

    Being stung by a wasp is painful and can be dangerous for those with allergic reactions to insect stings. We always recommend that wasp nest treatments be handled only by professionals with the proper protective equipment.

    Home Flea Treatments In Wetherby

    Owning cats and dogs can unfortunately result in fleas entering your home. Fleas often reside in your pets’ fur but can also spread to flooring, bedding, and seating areas in search of a new host, sometimes resulting in bites on people.

    Using a vet-prescribed flea treatment for your pet is crucial to slowing the spread of fleas. However, treating your home as well provides the best chance of complete control, effectively targeting fleas from all angles.

    Clothes Moth Control in Wetherby

    We frequently receive calls from Wetherby residents seeking help with Common Clothes Moths and Case Bearing Clothes Moths. These and other moth species can cause significant damage to textiles, including wool, silk, fur, feathers, and other natural fibers.

    Moths lay their eggs on carpets, clothing, and other textile items. The eggs hatch into larvae, which feed on the fibers, causing damage.

    Clients often report seeing moths on walls and ceilings, along with damage to carpets and other fabrics. We typically recommend an initial survey followed by a treatment plan to address the problem effectively.