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As the adoption of solar panel installations surges in our commitment to renewable energy, an unforeseen consequence arises: a habitat expansion for feral pigeon populations.

These adaptable birds find the sheltered environment beneath solar panels particularly inviting, shielding them from predators and the elements.

The gap beneath solar panels provides an ideal roosting spot for pigeons to settle in, construct nests, and rear their offspring.

Over time, the pigeon population can multiply, leading to increased breeding and presence. Their droppings, known as guano, pose health hazards to humans and can obstruct gutters, potentially causing property damage from rainwater.

Despite homeowners’ hopes for the pigeons to relocate, once established, these birds breed year-round, contributing to a steady increase in numbers. Traditional bird deterrents, like decoy owls or hawks, often prove ineffective in dislodging pigeons from their established sites.

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    How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels?

    Our first option is typically to install heavy-duty galvanized mesh around the perimeter of your solar panels to keep the pigeon out. This mesh is securely fastened with specialized attachments, preserving your solar panel warranty by avoiding the need for drilling or modifications.

    In certain instances where panel design requires it, your trained installer may suggest alternative products. However, rest assured that all our solutions are thoroughly tested and guaranteed to be 100% effective in preventing pigeons from nesting under your solar panels.

    For properties in coastal areas, stainless steel mesh is also available as an option to ensure durability against harsh environmental conditions.

    Is it legal to disturb nesting pigeons?

    Any work we undertake involving Feral pigeons (Columba livia) is conducted in accordance with the General License GL41, authorized by DEFRA Natural England. It’s essential to choose an installer who understands the relevant legislation to guarantee that the work is executed ethically, and in strict adherence to the law.

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    How much does solar panel pigeon protection cost?

    The cost of solar panel pigeon protection depends on several factors. Variables such as the number of panels, roof layout, and necessary safety measures for accessing the area all contribute.

    Adhering to safety regulations while working at height is not only essential but also a legal requirement. A full quote can be provided often from photos graphs of the property, or following a site survey.

    It’s worth noting that opting for “cheap quotes” may lead to greater expenses in the long term. We frequently encounter subpar installations that not only fail to deter pigeons effectively but also detract from the aesthetics of your property and risk compromising the solar panel warranty.

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