Get Rid of Rats and Mice for Good

You don’t have to put up with rodents in your home or business.

Pigeons under your solar panels?

Contact us today for a quote to permanently remove pigeons from under your solar panels. 

Squirrels in your loft?

Squirrels can cause damage to your property, and present a health risk to people and pets.

Expert Woodworm Treatments

Professional woodworm treatments to protect your property from damage.

Rodent, Insect and Bird Control Services Across North & West Yorkshire

The Pest Company is owned and operated by Jack and Neil.  We provide a full range of pest control services to help remove any pest problem.

Based in both York and Leeds respectively, we delivery domestic and commercial pest control throughout the Yorkshire area. This includes all aspects of rodent, insect and bird control.

We are committed to providing exceptional local pest control with effective solutions. Our work includes rats, mice and squirrels, wasp nest removal, ants, biting insects, solar panel pigeon proofing, bed bug control, and many more!

Call today for free advice and a quotation with your pest control problem.



As full members of The British Pest Control Association, you can be assured that we are professionally trained and qualified, insured and follow all industry Code of Best Practice.


Our experienced team will quickly identify which pest species is causing the problem. This is vital to ensure a fast and effective treatment.


We will agree a treatment plan for your home or business. Any work will be agreed in advance with the client, ensuring the most effective and humane methods are used.

Proofing and Exclusion

We will identify how the pests may be gaining entry into your property, allowing us to recommend what work is required to prevent the problem re-occuring. 

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