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As solar panel installations become more prevalent in our pursuit of renewable energy, an unintended consequence has emerged: a perfect habitat for feral pigeon populations.

Pigeons will often use man made spaces for nesting and roosting, pigeons find solar panels particularly enticing due to their protection from predators and the elements.

The space beneath solar panels offers an ideal space they can construct nests to rear their young, taking advantage of the shelter provided by these installations.

Over time the pigeon populations will increase. The accumulation of pigeon droppings, or guano, poses health risks to humans and can also obstruct gutters, resulting in potential property damage from rainwater.

Homeowners often hold out hope for the pigeons to relocate on their own, once established, these birds can breed year-round, allowing their numbers to grow unchecked. Traditional bird deterrents, such as decoy owls or hawks, often prove ineffective in persuading pigeons to vacate an established location.

guaranteed results in preventing pigeons from nesting under solar panels.

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    How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels?

    Our preferred method involves installing heavy-duty galvanized mesh around the perimeter of the solar panels to prevent pigeon re-entry. This mesh is securely fastened with specialized attachments, eliminating the need for drilling or alterations that could affect your solar panel warranty.

    Where the panel design necessitates it, your trained installer may suggest alternative products. Rest assured, all our solutions are rigorously tested and proven to be 100% effective in keeping pigeons out for good.

    Is it legal to disturb nesting pigeons?

    Rest assured, any work we carry out concerning Feral pigeons (Columba livia) is conducted under the authority of general license GL41, issued by DEFRA Natural England. It’s crucial to select an installer with a thorough grasp of the applicable legislation to guarantee that the work is conducted ethically, humanely, and in compliance with the law.

    Please get in touch to find out more.

    How much does solar panel pigeon protection cost?

    Installation costs vary depending on factors such as the number of panels, roof layout, and safety requirements for accessing the area.

    Compliance with safety regulations for working at heights is mandatory, ensuring the protection of both our team and your property. Following a thorough site survey, we provide comprehensive quotes.

    Unfortunately, “cheap quotes” can prove more expensive in the long run. We are often called to put right cheap installations which are unsightly, fail to keep out the pigeons and can adversely affect the warranty of the solar panels.

    Unfortunately we often find budget quotes have unforeseen expenses down the line.  We frequently correct inadequate installations that not only mar the appearance of your property, fail to deter pigeons, and potentially risk your solar panel warranty.

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