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Solar panels installations are becoming increasingly common as we aim to use more renewable energy. This has created an unexpected opportunity for feral pigeon populations.

Pigeons often use man-made structures for nesting sites, and solar panels create a perfect area safe from predators and the elements.

The gap under the solar panels is an ideal space for pigeons to roost on an evening, and to build their nests to rear their young.

Overtime the pigeons will continue to breed and increase in numbers. Pigeon droppings (guano) falling from the roof can be a risk to human health, and block gutters leading to rain water property damage.

Some homeowners hope they will eventually move on. Unfortunately once established pigeons can be breed year round allowing their numbers to build up. Birds scarers such as decoy owls or hawks are usually ineffective for moving pigeons from an established location.

100% effective solutions to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels.

WE offer bird proofing and control across Leeds & West yorkshire.

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    How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels?

    Our first choice would be to fit heavy duty galvanised mesh fitted around the perimeter of the solar panels prevent pigeon re-entry. The mesh is held firmly in place with specialist purpose made attachments, so there is no need to drill holes or make any changes that may impact the warranty of your solar panels.

    Occasionally the design of the panels may require your trained installer to recommend an alternative product. All products we use are proven to be 100% effective at keeping pigeons out for good.

    Stainless steel mesh is available as an option for coastal areas.

    Is it legal to disturb nesting pigeons?

    Any work we undertake for Feral pigeons (Columba Livia) is done under general licence GL41, issued by DEFRA Natural England. It is important to choose an installer with solid understanding of the relevant legislation to ensure the work is done ethically, humanly and legally.

    Please get in touch to find out more.

    How much does solar panel pigeon protection cost?

    Installation prices vary from property to property, depending on the number of panels, layout on the roof, and what is required for safe access. 

    Following safe working practices while working at height is a legal requirement. A full quote can be provided following a survey of the site.

    Unfortunately, “cheap quotes” can prove more expensive in the long run. We are often called to put right cheap installations which are unsightly, fail to keep out the pigeons and can adversely affect the warranty of the solar panels.

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