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Finding signs of woodworm in your property can be a worry. If left untreated, woodworm can cause significant damage to structural timbers and furniture. A professional treatment is therefore recommend to avoid expensive repairs in the future. “Woodworm” is a general term that covers a number of wood boring beetles, and are not actually worms at all! The larval stage of these insects is what causes the damage by burrowing through the timber. Correct identification is important to ensure an effective method of treatment is used to eradicate the problem.

The process starts by arranging a survey, identifying the problem and confirming what treatment is required. Our trained and qualified team will then recommend a treatment plan to get rid of the woodworm.

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Woodworm Beetle

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    What does Woodworm look like?

    Woodworm themselves are either in the larval stage inside the timber, or as an adult beetle that has emerged from the surface. These are often not visible, and it is their exit holes from the timber and presence of frass that are the indicators that woodworm is present. Frass is the powdery sawdust created by the woodworm larvae. 

    Whether the woodworm is active can be difficult to tell, which is why a site survey is important to establish this based on the evidence.  This can be important in deciding whether a treatment is required.

    How to treat Woodworm?

    Woodworm is treated by the application of a professional water based insecticide over the affected timber surfaces. 

    Where the damage is extensive, replacement of timbers may be recommended.  Work may be required to gain access to the effected timbers, and remedial work needed after the treatment has been carried out. 

    How much does a Woodworm Treatment cost?

    The purpose of the survey is to establish the extent of the woodworm infestation, and produce a treatment plan to clear the problem. This plan will include an outline of the proposed work and include costs. 

    The cost can vary depending on the extent of the infestation, what initial work is required, and any remedial work needed following treatment.


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