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With the increased demand for renewable energy, solar panels installations are becoming a common sight on the roofs of homes and businesses. Solar panels have become a particular favourite of feral pigeons as they provide shelter from both the elements and predators. 

The space beneath solar panels offers an ideal refuge for pigeons to roost and build nests, safe from predators and the elements.

Over time, their population can grow substantially, causing issues with guano (poop!) accumulation, posing health risks and potential property damage by blocking gutters.

Despite many of our clients hopes the pigeons to shortly move on, these resilient pigeons tend to establish themselves firmly, breeding year-round and ignoring traditional bird deterrents like decoy owls or hawks.

Guaranteed solutions to prevent pigeons nesting beneath solar panels.

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    How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels?

    We instal heavy duty galvanised mesh fitted around the perimeter of the solar panels to prevent pigeon for getting underneath. The mesh is securely held in place with specialized attachments, eliminating the need for drilling holes or making alterations that could void your solar panel warranty.

    In some cases where panel design necessitates it, our trained installers may suggest alternative products that are more compatible with your panels. Rest assured, all our products are rigorously tested and proven to be 100% effective in deterring pigeons permanently.

    For coastal areas, we offer stainless steel mesh as an additional option.

    Is it legal to disturb nesting pigeons?

    Work conducted to removal for Feral Pigeons (Columba livia) falls under the authority of General License GL41, issued by DEFRA Natural England. It’s crucial to engage an installer well-versed in the legislation to guarantee ethical, humane, and lawful practices.

    Feel free to reach out for further information.

    How much does solar panel pigeon protection cost?

    Installation costs are based on factors such as the quantity of panels, roof layout, and necessary safety measures needed for access. We can often provided a quote based on photographs of the property, or following a site visit.

    Adhering to safety regulations during elevated work is a legal obligation, and so some roofs may require the hire of scaffolding to provide full and safe access.

    More “budget quotes” can often result in greater expenses over time. We frequently encounter instances where inexpensive installations prove inadequate, failing to deter pigeons effectively and potentially compromising the solar panel warranty. 

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